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Concussion affects athletes at all levels of sport from the part-time recreational athlete through to the full-time professional.

Concussion is a well-recognised injury that may affect athletes involved in collision and contact sports. It is important that players, parents, coaches and other officials are aware of this condition. They should be on the look-out for symptoms and signs that could indicate concussion; and be practised in the way it should be managed.

Fortunately, concussion is not nearly as common in water polo as it is in other sports. Nevertheless, cases have occurred and, no doubt, will continue to happen, due to the nature of the sport. When they do occur, cases need to be recognised and the player must be appropriately looked after.

Woden Waves' default position is: If in doubt, sit them out.

There are a number of tools, as well as information guidance available to players, coaches, officials and parents about concussion in sport:



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