Woden Waves Water Polo Club


Custom Mouthguard Fittings

Published Wed 24 May 2023

Woden Waves has organised for Command Mouthguards to be at the 3rd June winter season round to fit people for custom mouthguards. They will be at the AIS from 12noon-4pm for fittings and then will then return a week later with the mouthguard to ensure it fits correctly (time and place TBC). 

The scanning and payment process only takes approx 10mins and can be done inbetween games. The mouthguards allow for custom colour options and can be claimed under health insurance in some cases. More information can be found HERE

We would like to open this up to athletes from other clubs if they are interested in looking into custom mouthguards. If your athletes would like to book in for a mouthguard fitting, please do so here - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nCHNrFlmOwom2IjpLLwgtaDyUc3m6zzq_f6q3CohvIw/edit?usp=sharing

Please note if times need to change once the winter draw is out, we can work around that. At this stage we are just gauging interest. 


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