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Waves partners with Orange First Aid

Published Thu 25 Aug 2022

Woden Waves Water Polo Club is thrilled to partner with Orange First Aid for the 2022/23 season and beyond.

Orange First Aid is a family-owned small business based in Orange NSW, but expanding rapidly into the ACT region. It is dedicated to providing quality, hands on approach to training which is engaging and thorough.

Orange first aid will be providing all Woden Waves players and coaches with free First Aid training and advanced resuscitation training for the coaches.

“We hope that this partnership will allow Woden Waves to contribute to a safer community and provide a safe environment for people to access Water Polo. We want to thank Scott and the Orange First Aid team on providing this wonderful opportunity to our athletes and coaches.”

Ryan McDermott, President Woden Waves Water Polo Club

"We are delighted to partner with Woden Waves Water Polo and support a wonderful community club. First aid is an essential skill that only 5% of Australian adults are currently qualified and trained in. Providing first aid training to the junior athletes at Woden Waves will develop their confidence to make a difference in their community, and hopefully start a broader conversation with their peers and families."

Scott Wilson, Owner Orange First Aid


Contact Orange First Aid

Website: https://orangefirstaid.com.au/

Email: help@orangefirstaid.com.au

Call: 0488 749 013


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